Our Analytics Service
Advanced Analytics

Google Analytics is one place where you can get an overview of your visitor’s behaviour (including potential customers) when they interact with your site. With Google being the largest and most used search engine in the world, it’s crucial that tracking, measuring and implementing necessary improvements are at the forefront of your marketing decisions.

Our bespoke reports are designed in line with your business and marketing objectives. The data provided ensures month-on-month improvements, and we do this by defining your performance and spotting trends, which allows us to create actionable insights moving forward.

Examples of data included in our reports are:

  • How many visits, sessions and users
  • Top channels, i.e. direct, organic search, social and referrals
  • Top entering/exit pages, as well as landing pages
  • Devices information, i.e. desktop, mobile and tablet split
  • Custom goals; how many call-to-actions have been completed, i.e. newsletter sign ups, applications completed.

Our Behaviour Analytics Service
Behaviour Analytics


Heatmaps allow us to understand what your visitors want and care about by visualising their behaviour. We do this by tracking their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour, all of which are reliable indicators of their motivation and desire.


Through Visitor Recordings, we can overcome the guesswork by tracking real, live visitor behaviour right on your website. These playbacks can show us the visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements, from the page they entered to the moment the exited. With this, we can identify usability issues and quickly make changes to improve future experiences.


With Conversion Funnels, we are able to learn at what step – or series of steps – your visitors are leaving your site. With this valuable insight, we can fix whatever the most common problem is, and encourage your visitors to complete that call-to-action.

Also available in our Account Management service

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